Zanussi Door Interlock 1249675131


Zanussi Door Interlock 1249675131 if your machine isnt starting up this could be one of the reasons, if you have had to bang the door to get it started, or there is a long delay, its best to replace this part before it damages some of the delicate electronic components in the machine.

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This replacement door switch will fit the following zanussi washers, COMPLESSO F1648 FE1204 FE827G F1015 F900 FE1205 FE904NN F1215 FE1004 FE1206 FE925N F1247 FE1005 FE1405 FJ1054W F1256W FE1006 FE1406 FJ1254W F1426 FE1006NN FE1416 FJ1354S F1447 FE1024N FE1446 FJ1454W F1626 FE1025G FE1646 FJD1266W F1645 FE1026N FE804 FJD1466S F1647 FE1027G FE825G FJD1466W FJD1666W FJR1254W FLE1215W FLN807 FJDR1266W FJR1454W FLE1216W FLN808 FJDR1466S FJS1025W FLE1416W FR1250S FJDR1466W FJS1225W FLN1007 FR1250W FJDR1666W FJS1425W FLN1008 FR1450W FJE1205 FL708ALU FLN1074 FS1055W FJE1436 FLE1015W FLN507 FS1155W FJE1635 FLE1016W FLN607 FS1255S FJE1636 FLE1115W FLN608 FS1255W FJE904 FLE1116W FLN804 FS1355W FS1455W IZ141S WD1245 WJS1265W FS1555W IZ141W WD1250W WJS1465W FX1165W IZ14S WD1601INPT WJS1665W FX1265W IZ16 WJD1257S ZE12 FX1365W IZ161S WJD1257W ZE14 FX1465W IZ161W WJD1357S ZE16 FXC1206 IZ16S WJD1457W ZJ1217 IZ10 UMBRIA WJD1667W ZJ1218 IZ12 W1206 WJE1207 ZJD1219 IZ14 W1207 WJE1407G ZJD12191 ZKG2100 ZKU220 ZWD1262W ZWD1471S ZKG2105 ZTI1029 ZWD1270S ZWD1471W ZKG2120 ZWC10510W ZWD1270W ZWD1472S ZKG2125 ZWC85050W ZWD1271W ZWD1472W ZKG2145 ZWC85055W ZWD1272W ZWD1480W ZKH2125 ZWD12270S ZWD14270W ZWD16270W ZKH2145 ZWD12270W ZWD14581S ZWD16581W ZKI225 ZWD1251W ZWD14581W ZWD1662W ZKI245 ZWD1252W ZWD1460 ZWD1680W ZKI525 ZWD1262S ZWD1470W ZWD1681W ZWD1682W ZWF1241W ZWF1440W ZWF1650 ZWD7105 ZWF12580W ZWF1441W ZWF1650W ZWD785 ZWF14109 ZWF1450W ZWF1651W ZWF1217W ZWF1420 ZWF1451W ZWF1840 ZWF1218W ZWF1430S ZWF14791W ZWF1850 ZWF1220 ZWF1430W ZWF1620 ZWF9570W ZWF1230W ZWF1431S ZWF1630W ZWG3105A ZWF1231W ZWF1431W ZWF1631W ZWG3123 ZWF1237W ZWF1434W ZWF1640S ZWG3143 ZWF1240W ZWF1437W ZWF1640W ZWG3163 ZWG385A ZWH5105A ZWI2125 ZWN6125 ZWG5141 ZWH5125 ZWI2126 ZWO7105 ZWG5161 ZWH6100 ZWN1220W ZWS1030 ZWG6121 ZWH6100A ZWN1420G ZWS1040 ZWG6141 ZWH6105 ZWN1620S ZWS7107 ZWG6145 ZWH6120 ZWN1620W ZWS7127 ZWG6161 ZWH6145 ZWN3145 ZWS787 ZWG6165 ZWH6195 ZWN6100 ZWS830 ZWH5102 ZWH7100C ZWN6105 ZWU6120 ZWH5105 ZWH8165 ZWN6120 ZWV1651S ZWW1202 ZWW9570W ZWX1506W ZWX1606W ZWW12570W ZWX1505W ZWX1605W