Zanussi Washing Machine Door Switch Interlock 50297777000


Genuine Zanussi door switch interlock will fit selected Zanussi washers, this is a genuine manufacturers spare part, if your washing machine isnt starting as it should, then this is more than likely the cause, sometimes you have to bang your door to get it going, doing that can cause damage to your delicate circuits in the control panel, so replacing this should prevent that.

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This replacement door switch will fit the following Zanussi washers, ZWF1111W ZWF1311W ZWF1451W ZWF1637W ZWF1218W ZWF1427W ZWF14581W ZWF1651W ZWF1227W ZWF14280W ZWF16281W ZWF16581W ZWF12280W ZWF1431W ZWF1631W ZWX1505W ZWF1231W ZWF1432W ZWF1632W ZWX1506W ZWF1241W ZWF1441W