Bosch Cooker Fan Oven Element 480484


Bosch cooker fan oven element 2500w will fit selected Bosch cookers, equiv to part number 480484 this is a genuine replacement spare part.

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This replacement element will fit the following Bosch cookers, HBN110AGB/01 HBN200TGB/01 HBN202SGB/05 HBN205TGB/02 HBN112SGB/03 HBN200TGB/03 HBN202SGB/06 HBN205TGB/03 HBN13N521B/10 HBN200TGB/04 HBN202SGB/07 HBN205TGB/04 HBN200SGB/01 HBN200TGB/05 HBN202TGB/01 HBN205TGB/05 HBN200SGB/02 HBN200TGB/06 HBN202TGB/03 HBN2060EU/01 HBN200SGB/03 HBN200TGB/07 HBN202TGB/04 HBN206UGB/01 HBN200SGB/04 HBN202SGB/01 HBN202TGB/05 HBN206UGB/03 HBN200SGB/05 HBN202SGB/02 HBN202TGB/06 HBN2300GB/01 HBN200SGB/06 HBN202SGB/03 HBN202TGB/07 HBN2300GB/02 HBN200SGB/07 HBN202SGB/04 HBN205TGB/01 HBN2320GB/01 HBN2320GB/02 HBN2350GB/04 HBN2820GB/02 HBN2850GB/04 HBN2320GB/03 HBN2350GB/05 HBN2820GB/03 HBN2850GB/05 HBN2350GB/01 HBN2800GB/01 HBN2850GB/01 HBN2860GB/01 HBN2350GB/02 HBN2800GB/02 HBN2850GB/02 HBN2860GB/02 HBN2350GB/03 HBN2820GB/01 HBN2850GB/03 NB12320GB05