Bosch Fan Oven Element 2300w


Bosch Fan Oven Element 2300 Watts

High Quality Replacement Element

This element is the exact same element that our own cooker service engineers use while repairing customers cookers, this is a cost saving part over the genuine Bosch spare.

It will fit thousands of models of Bosch Neff and Siemens cookers so if you are unsure please contact us so we can confirm suitability.

We are often asked

How Do I Change The Element In My Bosch Oven

Its basicly the same procedure as with most built in cookers.

1, Disconnect the cooker from the mains supply / switch off the cooker.

2, Remove all shelves out of the oven, then you will be able to see the cover at the back of the oven that protects the element and the fan motor, remove the 4-6 screws that hold this in place then pull it out of the way and you will see the element and fan motor, some elements are held in place by 2 screws so reove these and the element should pull forward with the wires still attached.

3, If you cannot see the screws holding the element in place you will have to remove the cooker from the housing and take the back of to remove the element, replace the new element and reverse all procedures and you should be good to go.

Some Important Information About This Element

After the supercession of this element, no earth cable can be attached. If the earthing cable is left, this must be fastened to the wiring harness so it cannot reach into the hot air ventilator

Approx dimensions of this element

2 Turn
2300 watts
Height: 258 (mm)
Width 195 mm
Tags: 18 mm

In stock


Some of the models this fits, BOSCH HBE662AGB/01 HBN110SGB/01 HBN131520B/03 HBN131550B/01 HBN13M220B/03 HBN13M250B/01 HBN13M250B/03 HBN13M260B/03 HBN13M550B/01 HBN13M550B/03 HBN13M560B/03 HBN13N550B/01 HBN13N550B/03 HBN3200GB/01 HBN3220GB/01 HBN3220GB/06 HBN3250GB/01 HBN3250GB/06 HBN3260GB/06 HBN410AGB/02 HBN410AGB/06 HBN412AGB/01 HBN412AGB/02 HBN412AGB/06 HBN430560B/02 HBN430AGB/01 HBN432AGB/01 HBN4350GB/01 HBN435AGB/01 HBN43M550B/03 HBN56M550B/03 HBN9020GB/01 HBN9021GB/04 HBN9050GB/01 HBN9051GB/01 HBN9051GB/03 HBN9051GB/04 HBN9051GB/05 HBN9062GB/01 HBN9100GB/01 HBN9120GB/01 HBN9121GB/06 HBN9122GB/01 HBN9123GB/01 HBN9123GB/02 HBN9150GB/01 HBN9151GB/06 HBN9152GB/01 HBN9153GB/01 HBN9153GB/02 HBN9153GB/05 HBN9160GB/01 HBN9161GB/06 HBN9162GB/01 HBN9163GB/01 HBN9163GB/02 HBN9350GB/06 NKT662CEU/01 WFO2867GB/17 WVT1260GB/01 NEFF 1030UF(00) 1950-89-80(00) 195301005(00) 195301410(00) 195301571(00) 195302007(00) 195302536(00) 195302882(00) 195302890(00) 195302893(00) 195303324(00) 195303855(00) 195306921(00) 195307141(00) B1120W0GB/01 B1120W1GB/02 B1120W1GB/03 B1310B0GB/01 B1310N0GB/01 B1320A0GB/01 B1320B0GB/01 B1320B2GB/01 B1320B2GB/02 B1320B2GB/03 B1320N0GB/01 B1320N2GB/01 B1320N2GB/02 B1320N2GB/05 B1320W0GB/01 B1320W2GB/01 B1320W2GB/02 B1320W2GB/03 B1321N0EU/02 B1322N0/01 B1322N0GB/01 B1322N0GB/03 B1322N1GB/01 B1322N1GB/10 B1322S1GB/01 B1322W0GB/01 B1322W0GB/03 B1322W1GB/01 B1420B0GB/01 B1420B0GB/02 B1420B0GB/03 B1420B0GB/05 B1420N0/01 B1420N0/03 B1420W0GB/01 B1420W0GB/02 B1420W0GB/03 B1420W0GB/05 B1421B0GB/01 B1421B2GB/01 B1421B2GB/02 B1421N0GB/01 B1421N0GB/06 B1421N1GB/07 B1421N2GB/01 B1421N2GB/02 B1421N2GB/05 B1421S0GB/01 B1421S2GB/01 B1421S2GB/02 B1421W0GB/01 B1421W2GB/01 B1421W2GB/02 B1422B0GB/01 B1422B0GB/03 B1422E0GB/03 B1422N0GB/01 B1422N0GB/03 B1422N0GB/10 B1422S0GB/01 B1422S0GB/03 B1422W0GB/01 B1422W0GB/03 B1428C0GB/01 B1428C2GB/01 B1428K0GB/01 B1428K2GB/01 B1428V0GB/01 B1428V2GB/01 B1430B0GB/01 B1430B0GB/02 B1430B0GB/05 B1430C0GB/01 B1430C0GB/02 B1430H0GB/02 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