Bosch Washing Machine Carbon Brushes


Lamination of carbon brushes is a very important part of the manufacturing process, it is done to disperse the heat that is generated by the motor, and should prevent early burn out of your washing machine motor. High spin speed machines on the better quality machines have a higher grade of carbon brushes fitted. Laminated carbon brushes are the best quality carbon brushes for your motor, cheaper alternative grades of carbon can cause early wear and damage your motor they also last longer so cheap isn’t always the best way to go. These brushes are very close to the same grade of carbon used by the manufacturer, our own service engineers use these brushes as an alternative to the expensive genuine brushes, the manufacturers part number ref is 154740.

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These brushes fit hundreds of different models of Bosch washing machine if they look the same as the ones in your motor they will fit, if in any doubt email me and i will advise you. We have a simple guide on how we used these to repair a faulty Bosch washing machine.