Bosch Washing Machine Drain Pump 144978


Bosch washing machine drain pump and filter will fit selected Bosch washers, part number 144978.

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This replacement pump will fit the following Bosch washers, WAA24171GB/01 WFD2072GB/05 WFO2466GB/01 WFX2867GB/10 WAE16443OE/01 WFL2063GB/01 WFO2466GB/07 WLX24162GB/10 WAE16443OE/04 WFL2066GB/01 WFO2851FG/08 WVD24520/01 WAE24162GB/03 WFL2463GB/12 WFO2866GB/05 WVD24520GB/01 WAE24162UK/01 WFL2871UK/03 WFO2866GB/07 WVT1260BR/01 WAE24393/01 WFL2872GB/01 WFR2867UK/01 WVT1260GB/01 WAE28162GB/09 WFLI2440GB/18 WFR2867UK/04 WVT126SGB/01 WAS32466GB/08 WFO2465GB/01 WFX2467GB/01 part numbers for this pump 142370, or, 144978