Bosch Washer Pumps

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Pumps to fit Bosch washing machines. Drain pumps basicly pump the water out of the washing machine, they are located in the bottom of the washer, usually to one side, they could be at the front if yours is fitted with a filter that you can manually empty yourself, if not it could be at the back. Attached to the pump will be a sump hose this comes from the bottom of the washing machines tub, and also a drain hose which will take the water away from the washer either down a standpipe and to the outside grate or in most modern homes it can be attached to the U bend under your sink where the water will flow away the same way as the waste water in your sink, there will also be electrical connections to the pump. Pumps and hoses can become blocked over time and could stop the pump expelling the waste water, so its good to check for these blockages before deciding you need a new pump, replacement is generally easy if you have emptied the water from the washer, and the pumps hoses are removed, and the screws or clips holding the pump to the washing machines cabinet are removed then it should just lift away, be sure you have disconnected the washer from the mains supply. Quite a few pumps come with the housing and pump filter attached so you dont need to buy many different parts, all pumps are model number specific just like these Bosch washing machine drain pumps.

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