Smeg SUK Fan Oven Element 806890591


Smeg cooker fan oven element will fit selected Smeg cookers, this is agenuine manufacturers spare part number 806890591. If you would like to read more about elements you can Here

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This replacement element will fit the following Smeg cookers, please read important information after the model numbers, A1 A2A-2 F166-5 SE2010MFX A1.1 A2A-5 F170 SE2010XMF A1-5 A3A F170P SE20XFMR1 A1A DO10PSS FP140X SE20XMFR A1A.1 DO10PSS-5 S20XMF SE210EB/1 A1C-5 DO81CSS-5 S300X SE210P-5 A1CA.1 DO8CBL S302X SE210VA/1 A1G DO8CSS S399X SE210X A1VA DO8CSS-5 S399X-5 SE210X/1 A2-5 DUC08CSS S399X-6 SE280X SE280X-5 SE708X SUK61MFX5 SUK91MFX SE290X SO66CAS-5 SUK61MWH5 SUK91MFX5 SE378MFX5 SO66CCS-5 SUK61XPZ5 SUK92CMX5 SE392MFEB SO66CSS.1 SUK80MFA SUK92MFX SE398X SP1196/2 SUK80MFX SUK92MFX5 SE398X/1 SUK61CMX5 SUK81MBL5 UK2010X SE398X-5 SUK61CPX5 SUK81MFX5 UK60MFX1 SE485X-5 SUK61IPX5 SUK91MFA UK80MFX SE650MF SUK61MFA5 Please note: this is a ‘new style’ fan element and will require the following adjustments for ‘old style’ cavities (pre Nov 2006). 2x fixing screws (899370148) are required as the fixing studs are no longer present The nuts from the previous element should be retained and reused as these are not supplied When the element is screwed onto the cavity, the Earth wire should be attached or secured to one of the nuts as the Earth connector is no longer present, alternatively use a ring tag When connecting this element please isolate the earth lead (if your cooker has one) as the element will be earthed when screwed back onto the cooker.