Fan Oven Elements Guide

Fan Oven Elements Guide
Before you decide the fan oven element is at fault, you need to check if your cooker has power through it, you can do this by checking other operations on the cooker, like fan oven motor is this running, oven light is this coming on, grill element does this work, make sure your oven hasn’t been set to automatic and its waiting for the timer to start the oven, if you then decide it has power you can check the following.

If your fan oven motor is working and its just blowing cool air around the oven, and your thermostat light is still on, this may indicate that the fan oven element is at fault, you could always check your fuse box hasn’t tripped aswell.

Fan oven elements usually fail because the internal filament of the element fails, this can cause the element to split or swell and may cause the oven to trip your fuse box, sometimes you may see a flash in the oven at the same time, sometimes there is no visible signs that the element has failed, and the only way to check is to remove the element and test it for continuity and earth leakage and insulation.

Reasons why the fan oven element can fail, could be your oven door seals are worn and allowing hot air to escape, making the element work even harder to maintain the correct temperature in the oven, you may have noticed scorching to your cupboard this could indicate the oven door seals are worn, or your hinges are worn, another cause is opening your oven door often to see if things are cooked, a good practice here if you do need to open the door, is turn the temperature down then open the door, but remember to turn the temperature back up when you have done your check.

I hope you found this relevant and helpful.

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