Zanussi Oven Cooker Grill Element Genuine Spare Part 1750W


Genuine Zanussi Cooker Oven Grill Element 3581907692

Wattage 1750 Watts
Height 315 mm
Width  290 mm
Bracket 120 mm
Tags  25mm
Common faults reported when the fan oven element has failed will be the fan is working and the oven light is on, but there is no heat, generally the element will have gone open circuit or will have visual blow marks and will certainly need replacing.
Most oven elements can be replaced from the front without removing the cooker from the housing.

Zanussi Cooker Spares Parts Elements

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This element will fit the following Zanussi models, ZGT2NEK, ZBF860B, ZBF860W, ZBF860X, ZBF760B, ZBF760W