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Things To Consider When Buying A New Vacuum Cleaner

Wattage as well as electric motor power

Wattage is an important thing to consider because electric motor power on it’s own does not guarantee better suction: it depends on the overall design of the unit. If a vacuum cleaner has a high wattage, the motor is more powerful.

Air watts

Did you know air watts are a better measure of suction than motor power? Air watts look at the actual performance of the vacuum, not just the motor power. However, they can be significantly decreased by a blocked filter. Air watts should be shown as a European test standard (IEC60312). If not, the number quoted may not be reliable.

Dust pick up

The nozzle design on both cylinders and uprights can have a dramatic effect on pick up performance. The higher the percentage of dust pick up, which is also measured using the IEC European test standard, the better the performance.

Bag versus bagless vacuum cleaners

When considering a bagged vs bagless vacuum cleaner, it can be helpful to remember:

Bagless vacuum cleaners do not necessarily perform better than bagged
Bagless vacuum cleaners by definition require no bags, therefore no extra expenses
Bagless vacuum cleaners enable you to see the dirt and debris picked up, making it easy to see when the container is full. However, some bagged cleaners do have full bag indicator lights
Some bagless vacuum cleaners require regular filter cleaning to work at peak performance
Bagless vacuum cleaners may expose the user to dust when emptying, making them much less suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers
Bagged vacuum cleaners tend to be hygienic and dust removal is simple and easy

Filter types

Micro Filter, The type of filtration found on basic vacuum cleaners. Ideal for general use, some can be washed while others need to be swapped out.

Hepa Filter, HEPA filters trap and capture small pollutants and pollen particles, which would otherwise be recirculated into the atmosphere, making them ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. Most tend to be washable and reusable.

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