Coffee Machine Accessories

Coffee Machine Accessories

Coffee Machine Cleaning And Descaling Products

Descalers and tablets, cleaning discs for your coffee machine


  • Bosch Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets 310575

    Bosch & Siemens Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets X10 Part Number - 310575 Suitable for coffee machines, coffee centres and Thermos Flasks Cleans away coffee grease and residue Easy to use - just add water for great results or use in cleaning programs Can improve appliance performance and lifetime Tested and approved 10 tablets per pack
  • Bosch Neff Siemens Coffee Maker Decalcifying Tablets 310967

    Remove limescale in a safe and reliable way.

    Suitable for fully automatic coffee machines and kettles. Easy to use, regular decalcification provides for a good functioning and quality. From your machine and for a longer lifetime.

  • Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine Descaler Liquid & Cleaning Tablets Service Kit

    Genuine Bosch Tassimo coffee machine descaling cleaning kit, Bosch part number BSH311196, effectively removes grease and limescale.
  • Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine Service Kit 2 x Descaler Tablets & T Cleaning Disc

    TASSIMO Service Cleaning Disc & 2 Descaling Tablets Bosch Descaler Kit Gen

    Service T-Disc for Tassimo drinks machine with 2 Bosch descaler tablets Used when setting up the machine for the first time Also needed during cleaning and descaling Includes correct barcode Includes 2 Bosch descaler tablets

    Bosch Tassimo Spares Parts

  • Bosch TASSIMO Coffee Maker Machine Descaling Tablets x 6 + Service T Disc

    Genuine manufacturers spare part will fit the above models. Keep your coffee machine in as new condition with this service kit, can extend the life of your machine
    This kit includes 6 cleaning tablets and the Tassimo cleaning disc.
  • Bosch Tassimo Descaling Coffee Maker Coffee Machine Espresso Cleaner 4 Tablets

    Product features
    Removes limescale quickly and effectively from the appliance
    Protects the appliance from harmful calcium deposits
    Contents: 4 x tablets per pack (2 descaling treatments)
    Tested and approved care product
    Essential when cleaning your machine
  • Brita Intenza Water Filter Coffee Machine Bosch Siemens TCA TK7 Genuine Filter

    Brita Intenza water filter for coffee machines
    Protect the appliance from limescale deposits and improves taste and aroma of coffee
    Adjustable depending on water hardness
    Always remove the filter before descaling the appliance and replace after 50 litres (400 cups of coffee or 1000 cups of espresso), or every two months
    Contents: 1x Brita Intenza water filter
  • Genuine Bosch Tassimo & Braun Replacement Cleaning Descaling Service T Disc

    Genuine Bosch Tassimo replacement cleaning descaling T disc, keep your Tassimo coffee machine in tip top condition with regular cleaning, this is a genuine manufacturers spare part not a cheap copy.
  • Saeco CA6700 Espresso Machine Descaler

    Saeco Decalcifier is used to eliminate mineral build-up in the boiler and ensure the machine's longevity. As part of normal preventive maintenance, espresso makers should be descaled approximately every 2-3 months, depending on the volume of use and hardness of your local water supply. Regular descaling is recommended to help avoid any major descaling requirements and related expenses.

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