Small Appliance Filters

Small Appliance Filters Filters to fit small aplliances.


  • Bosch TWK7603GB/01 Kettle Filter

    Kettle Filter For Bosch TWK7603GB/01 Kettles

    Regular changing of your kettles filter is advised by Bosch

  • Kettle Filter For Bosch TWK7601GB

    Bosch TWK7601GB Kettle Filter Genuine Bosch Part Improve Kettle Performance

    The filter in your kettle is usually in the spout, they are ideal if you live in a hard water area and are designed to trap the limescale in the hard water, the mesh should be fine enough to let the filtered water through, hopefully making the drink of your choice better tasting.
    Filters are easy to clean but should be replaced every so often to keep the kettle working at its best.


  • Morphy Richards Kettle Filter 02044

    Genuine Morphy Richards Kettle Spout Filter 43170 43171 43172

    If you are suffering from limescale and live in a hard water area these filters are great for stopping limescale getting into your cups of tea and coffee, you may have a hole in your old filter these are easy to replace and very cost effective, cheaper than buying a new kettle

  • Morphy Richards Kettle Filter MOR02000

    Replacement Kettle Filter Accents 43615

    Is your kettle not working as it should, are the drinks not as nice as before, if you live in a hard water area the filter in the spout of your kettle may need replacing, this should be done often, it can also help with those annoying drips while your pouring with it.

  • Morphy Richards Replacement Kettle Spout Filter MOR02048

    Genuine Morphy Richards Kettle Filter

    Replace your kettle filter regulary to maintain clean water in your drinks.

  • Morphy Richards Steam Iron Anti Scale Filters Cartridge

    Morphy Richards Steam Iron Anti Scale Filters Cartridge
  • Replacement Kettle Filter For Philips HD4671 HD4669 HD4672

    Repacement Phillips Anti Scale Kettle Filter

    Alternative to genuine part number - 422245945328

    Approx Size 90mm x 65mm

    People Often Ask

    * Why should i replace my kettle filter?
    You need to replace the filter because it prevents limescale and keeps your water pure.


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