Bush Washing Machine Brushes

Washing Machine Parts

Carbon brushes to fit Bush washing machines.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you change a brush in a Bush washing machine. The answer is the same for most washing machines.
  • 1, You will need to pull the washing machine out so you have access to the back, make sure your careful because of the water hoses and connections.
  • 2, Disconnect all hoses if needed and unplug the machine from the electric.
  • 3, Remove the back giving you access to the machine, remove the belt that is around the drum pulley and the motor pulley.
  • 4, Disconnect the motor plug connections and earth connector.
  • 5, Undo the 2 bolts usually holding the motor to the outer tub then you should be able to wiggle the motor free, once its out you will see the 2 brushes in the motor then you can remove these they are usually held in by 2 screws, then simply replace the brushes with new ones if needed and replace everything n reverse order that you took it apart.
  • 6, You will be able to tell if the brushes are worn down once you remove them.

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