Zanussi Washer Carbon Brushes

Zanussi Washer Carbon Brushes Carbon Brushes to fit Zanussi washing machines.


  • Zanussi Washing Machine Carbon Brushes Sole Motors

    Replacement Carbon Brushes For Zanussi Sole Motors

    People Often Ask

    * How Do I Change The Carbon Brush On A Zanussi Washing Machine?
    1, Disconnect the washer from the mains and water supply for safety.
    2, Remove the back from the washing machine usually held on by screws.
    3, Remove the motor from the bottom of the washer usually held by 2 or 3 bolts.
    4, Disconnect power cable and earth cable from the motor.
    5, There are 2 brushes in the motor held on by 2 screws remove these and remove the brushes.
    6, Inspect the brushes and commutator for wear and replace brushes if needed.
    7, Then simply replace everything you have taken off.

  • Zanussi Washing Machine Motor Brushes 50265483003

    Genuine Zanussi washing machine motor carbon brushes will fit machines fitted with the Zem motor, part number 50265483003.
  • Zanussi Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes 50265475009

    Genuine Zanussi washing machine carbon brushes, part number 50265475009.These carbon brushes fit the FHP motor are black holders 46mm long and marked with "L", Brush Slope right to left looking from the front and spade terminals are 2.8mm.

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