Diplomat Cooker Door Seals

Diplomat Cooker Door Seals Door seals to fit Diplomat ovens.


  • Diplomat Cooker Main Oven Door Seal 300250038

    Diplomat cooker main oven door seal 3 sided, diplomat part number 300250038.
  • Diplomat Cooker Oven Door Seal

    Cooker oven door seal to fit Diplomat cookers, part number MFIODRGKTC. If your oven door seal is worn heat will be escaping from the oven, causing your element and fan to work even harder, and could result in one of thes parts failing, replacing the door seal is fairly straight forward.
  • Diplomat Hygena Cooker Oven Door Hinges Left And Right

    When replacing oven door hinges its strongly advised that both are replaced at the same time, even if only 1 hinge has failed the other will have been put under more strain and will fail shortly after. This kit includes both hinges.

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