Broken Belling Cooker

Fix that cooker easily with a little know how and the right parts from our store, if you are usure about any parts or just want advice contact us and we will be happy to help you, please ensure the cooker is isolated from the mains supply before attempting any repairs.

We Often Get Asked.

How Do You Change A Belling Fan Oven Element

1 Isolate the cooker from the mains supply switch it off.

2 Remove the shelves out of the oven and then you will see a cover that is held in place by 4-6 screws, remove the screws and remove the cover there you will see the element.

3, The element will be held in place by 2 screws on the fixing bracket and maybe one more around the edge of the element, if you remove these you can then pull the element forward still with the wires connected so be gentle so not to pull the wires off.

4, Then fit the new element and then reverse procedure putting everything back in place, then switch your cooker back on hopefully the job will be done.