Tricity Bendix Washer Door Switches Interlocks

Tricity Bendix Washer Door Switches Interlocks Door switches and interlocks to fit Tricity Bendix washing machines.


  • Tricity Bendix Door Switch Interlock 1249675131

    Tricity Bendix Door Interlock 1249675131 if your machine isnt starting up this could be one of the reasons, if you have had to bang the door to get it started, or there is a long delay, its best to replace this part before it damages some of the delicate electronic components in the machine.
  • Tricity Bendix Washing Machine Door Switch Interlock 1240349017

    Tricity Bendix washing machine door switch interlock will fit selected Tricity Bendix washing machines, part number 1240349017 this is a genuine manufacturers spare part.

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