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The Caple Company was founded in 1962 in Bridgend, Wales by Brian Taplin. It originally started as a distributor of domestic appliances made by other manufacturers.

In the 1970s, Caple began developing its own range of home appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and electric cookers. The company focused on high quality products with innovative features for the UK market.

By the 1980s, Caple had expanded its manufacturing operations and became one of the market leaders in built-in appliances for British kitchens. Caple introduced popular space-saving appliances like combined washer-dryers and compact refrigerators.

In more recent years, Caple acquired other UK appliance brands like Fagor and added more products like wine coolers, sinks and cooking accessories. The company also modernized its appliance designs and technologies to provide greater efficiency and meet latest environmental standards.

Today, Caple is still family-owned and manufactures its appliances in the UK. While no longer having the market share of its peak years, Caple maintains a reputation for reliable, thoughtfully designed appliances and kitchen products made for British homes and lifestyles. The Caple brand remains well-known for quality workmanship and service within the UK domestic appliance sector.

Sustainability Initiatives:
In response to growing environmental concerns, Caple also embraced sustainability in its manufacturing processes and product design. They introduced energy-efficient appliances and worked to minimize their carbon footprint, reflecting their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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